Business Law

Sullivan Rogers & Feichtel regularly represent all types and sizes of businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our clients include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures and corporations. We particularly value our long-standing relationships with many family-owned businesses – relationships which often cross multiple generations.

We assist our clients in a full spectrum of legal services, dealing regularly with matters such as selection and formation of the appropriate business entity, governance matters and shareholder disputes, taxation, mergers, acquisitions and sales, all types of contracts and commercial transactions, and collections.

Our attorneys are experienced in the various facets of labor and employment law, such as regulatory compliance, employment contracts, unemployment compensation, non-compete agreements and trade secrets. When appropriate, our business attorneys partner with our litigation attorneys when commercial litigation occurs or appears on the horizon.

Our attorneys are also experienced in business continuity planning and succession strategies, handling the complex, inter-related issues of estate planning, business control and taxation that arise when it is time for the next generation of a family to step into leadership and ownership roles in a company.

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