Estate Planning/Asset Preservation

Sullivan Rogers & Feichtel provides a full range of comprehensive estate planning services for individuals, traditional and same-sex spouses and their families. We strive to understand each client’s needs and goals, and to design an effective estate planning and asset preservation package – simple or sophisticated – that meets those needs and goals in a cost-effective manner.

Effective estate planning for some clients might include wills, living wills, advanced medical directives and powers of attorney. Other clients may require a more sophisticated approach, involving planned charitable giving, a plan for retitling assets, or special needs trusts for minors and incapacitated persons. Still others may require guidance to access Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits for long term care needs. Effective estate planning may also need to be multi-generational, and include business continuity planning and business succession strategies.

Our attorneys are always alert to planning tools and strategies aimed at minimizing the impact of inheritance and estate taxes. When appropriate, we also work frequently with a client’s personal accountant, financial advisor or other professionals.

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