PLANNING FOR YOUR DIGITAL ESTATE We live in a digital world, where some of our most prized possessions no longer exist in physical form. Whether it is a digital photograph, the last voicemail you received from a deceased family member or your “wallet” full of crypto currency, a prized possession tends to be preserved by … Read More

Pennsylvania Real ID: A Guide

After over a decade of avoiding complying with the federal 2005 Real ID Act (the “Act”), on March 1, 2019, Pennsylvania issued its first Real ID compliant driver’s licenses and ID cards. Despite the topic’s frequent appearance on the evening news, there are still misunderstandings and myths surrounding Real ID and what it takes to … Read More

Did Your Partnership Just Receive a Tax Assessment? New Entity Level Taxing for Partnerships and Other Pass-Through Tax Entities

Pass-through tax entities beware! Under the Bipartisan Budget Act (“Act”),¹ beginning in tax year 2018, by default, partnerships (and entities choosing to be taxed as a partnership for federal income tax purposes)² will now be responsible for the income tax underpayments, interest and penalties of its partners. If you own an interest in a pass-through … Read More

Mediation – A Dispute Resolution Alternative

Hollywood glamorizes the courtroom battle. As is the case with most things produced by Hollywood, reality is far removed from what appears on the screen. Litigation is frequently a drawn out process that can become frustrating for the parties involved in the case. It most often severs any future relationship between the parties. The final … Read More

Buy a New Home, Not Headaches!

Buying a new home often conjures exciting images of more space, a bigger yard, an attractive neighborhood, and the like. Homebuyers should temper their excitement with a bit of caution to make sure they are aware of potential pitfalls before the agreement of sale is signed. Once the agreement is signed, it can be tough … Read More


When Mack learned that his Aunt Grace (all names changed except the author) passed away in October 2008, he expected to receive a letter from the attorney representing her estate indicating that he and her other nephew, Joe, and two nieces, Alice and Fran, would receive equal shares of Grace’s estate, as per her Wills … Read More


For many years, penny-pinching small businesses resisted profit-draining health insurance plans. Instead, many chose to reimburse employees for their purchase of a personal health insurance policy. Historically, these premium reimbursements have not been treated as income to the employees, offering a low cost alternative to expensive health care plans. The Internal Revenue Code provided that … Read More


Non-compete agreements, also known as covenants not-to-compete or simply non-competes, can be a particularly sensitive issue to both employer and employee. The employer will want to maximize the protection of its interests while the employee needs to ensure that his freedoms are protected. Non-compete agreements can be vital to business interests, particularly where an employer … Read More


Recent news headlines of attorneys stealing from their clients have caused great embarrassment to the legal profession. Fortunately, these instances are the exception. The vast majority of attorneys and law firms view client money as sacrosanct and implement the highest standards of care in guarding these funds. It is important for all of our current … Read More